Barrel & Machine Work

Custom Rifle Builds & Re-Barrels

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Building a custom rifle or rebarreling your current action is a highly custom process with a lot of options and possibilities. For us to provide an accurate quote we need to speak with you about what you're looking to accomplish so we can use our expertise to help set you up for an end product you love. Please contact us with details on what you're looking to achieve from your next build or rebarrel and we'll be happy to get you pricing and expected turn around times quickly.


Turn around time for all machine work is currently at 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Barrel Fluting

$25 per cut

Rifle Muzzle Threading


Not offered for barrels currently mounted in pressed or riveted trunnions (AK, HK, etc.; contact us for unmounted barrels), or firearms with undermounted magazine tubes. Price includes return shipping. (Complete rifles may include shipping surcharge based on package size/weight)

Add-ons for barrel work

  • Barrel/Cut and Crown — $35
  • Index Muzzle Device — $30
  • Contour/Blend Thread Cap or Muzzle Break — $30
  • Moving Front Sight — $25
  • Thread Adapters


    All standard thread pitches. Metric threads are available and are priced on application.

    Bolt Knob Installation


    Upgrade your bolt to a tactical bolt knob. Can do bolt upgrades on Remington, Winchester, Savage, Howa, and Weatherby bolts.

    Shop Service Rate

    Shop service time to cover removal and installation of parts applicable to offered services.

    • Complete Firearms — $40
    • Barreled Actions — $25